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  • Unit test Composite Application for our Entwicklercamp component

    Karsten Lehmann  2 April 2009 23:14:23
    Did not have much free time to continue with our Entwicklercamp demo series. I moved from one flat to another in Karlsruhe, had project work to do and some problems with my notebook hardware: nVidia graphic chip crash on my Macbook Pro.
    The last picture of my old Macbook Pro logic board looked like this:

    Pretty creative :-)
    Some reinstallation attempts, 1-2 weeks of waiting and a board exchange later, it's working again (did not have to pay money, "just" lost a lot of time -> thanks nVidia!) .

    So here is the next part of our Entwicklercamp series: It's a Composite Application to test our CA component. You can select a few parameters. The CA component on the left hand side of the screen then produces a string of all that values and sends it to our component on the right hand side to display it.

    The component can visualize six different type of things:
    • pictures
    • pie charts
    • bar charts
    • basic RTF
    • basic HTML
    • and 3D satellite pictures
    Here are a few impression of how it looks like:

    Picture Viewer component for local and remote GIF, JPG and PNG files

    Pie chart and bar chart component to display flexible charts

    Nasa Worldwind component to display 3D satellite pictures of the earth

    Here is the download:

    Please note that you need to have our component installed on your system to use the tester CA (see this posting for an installation database).