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  • Quick tip: Fixing Dojo drag and drop issues in a Windows 8 VMWare on the Mac

    Karsten Lehmann  7 March 2013 07:33:56
    I am currently setting up a new dev environment with Windows 8 and Notes/Domino 9 to work on demos for my Dojo 1.8/AMD session at Entwicklercamp next week.

    To my surprise, I noticed yesterday, that drag and drop operations on Dojo widgets did not work as expected. For example, I could not drag the splitters of a BorderContainer layout widget and the columns of a LazyTreeGrid could not get resized.
    It seemed as if mouse events got lost, but I only got that effect in Firefox and Chrome. In IE, everything was working fine.

    After a bit of Googling, I found out that VMWare Fusion emulates some kind of touch device for Windows 8 and that this can get disabled by setting

    touchscreen.vusb.present = "FALSE"

    in the VMX file of the VMWare image. I tried it and it helped, drag and drop is now working again.