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  • Our session got accepted for IBM Connect: BOF211 Leverage OSGi plug-ins in Your XPages Applications!

    Karsten Lehmann  9 January 2013 08:20:41
    Today we got the information that our Birds of a Feather session submission (BOF) has been accepted for IBM Connect 2013.

    Here is the abstract:

    BOF211 Leverage OSGi plug-ins in Your XPages Applications!

    Tammo Riedinger, Mindoo GmbH; Karsten Lehmann, Mindoo GmbH

    Hear how XPages apps can be extended with your own visual controls and data can be leveraged from external databases! We want to talk about code sharing of libraries between multiple XPages apps, Notes Client plugins and standalone applications.We also want to discuss, how custom server processes and even complete applications can be added to IBM Lotus Domino on top of OSGI, due to its highly modular and extensible nature. The only limit is your imagination!

    That's quite similar to the description that we had submitted as a normal session, which unfortunately did not get accepted by the track managers. BOF sessions however get voted by the conference attendees.

    What you don't get in our BOF session compared to the normal one:
    • slides
    • demos

    What you will get in our BOF session compared to the normal one:
    • discussion
    • exchange of experiences

    and hopefully a small breakfast buffet with coffee in front of the room, in case we get a 7am slot for the BOF (hear us IBM? We once did a BOF with no breakfast, that was hard :-)  ).

    This is how IBM describes Birds of a Feather sessions:
    • A Connect 2013 BOF is a relaxed,  interactive discussion, with no media or AV. This is a 'chalk-talk' style meeting, and the purpose of the discussion is to gather input, feedback, and learn from each other. Again, no room AV is to be used, no exceptions please.
    • The role of the facilitator is to do just that -- facilitate discussion. All in attendance should be given an opportunity to become engaged. This is not a 'one to many' session. Remember -- at Connect, "Everyone has a voice" !
    • Flip-charts and markers will be provided upon request. Any other session tools, props, etc are the responsibility of the facilitator(s).

    Great to be part of the conference! See you in Orlando!