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  • XPages series #8: Dynamically creating the UI of an XPage in Java

    Karsten Lehmann  10 November 2009 23:11:23
    This 8th part of the XPages series is more or less a link to a great blog posting that was just published my Tommy Valand.

    It demonstrates how you can create a dynamic web user interface by leveraging JSF features in your XPages application.
    In his example, Tommy produces a data table UIComponent with a snippet of Java code that is executed with the click on a button.

    Image:XPages series #8: Dynamically creating the UI of an XPage in Java

    I'm currently working on something similar for a customer project, but unfortunately I cannot say much about technical details at the moment.
    Basically, it's about dynamic application UI creation based on an abstract UI description. The system produces a dual-output: it dynamically creates the UI of an XPage, but it also creates a Java UI (e.g. a set of Swing components) with a similar form layout.
    Write once, run anywhere. :-)

    The concept includes its own data layer that works independent from Lotus Notes and has some fancy features like transaction logging (even for storing in Lotus Notes databases).

    I recommend that you take a look at Tommys posting and start thinking about your personal use case for this. Anything is possible.

    In my next blog series posting I'm going to write about my own bean manager for managed beans that I needed as a workaround for security limitations when running an XPages application in the Lotus Notes client.