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  • New release of Open Eclipse Update Site to fix issues with Win/64 Notes Client 12.0.2

    Karsten Lehmann  17 November 2022 23:24:41
    As Jesse blogged there are some issues in the new Windows 64 Bit Notes Client 12.0.2 that break the "Import Local Update Site" functionality of the standard Update Site template of Domino.

    To fix this and other issues, I just uploaded a new release of the Open Eclipse Update Site on OpenNTF.

    Here is the fixlist:

    • This release fixes LS errors in the new Windows 12.0.2 64 Bit client that occur because LS tries to load SWT Java classes, but they do not seem to be available in the Windows 64 Bit client (same for Mac/64 which had already been fixed in earlier releases).
    • In addition we fixed feature deletion. You can now delete disabled features, not just enabled features like in 1.1.
    • "IBM" has been replaced with "HCL" in several areas to match the current R11 standard Update Site template of Domino.
    • broken links in the about/using this database pages have been fixed