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XPages2Eclipse is a language extension for XPages-development within the IBM Lotus Notes Client 8.5.2 and above. It adds extensive APIs to access Notes, Eclipse and Lotus Symphony functionality from XPages application code.

This product wiki will help you getting started. It contains API documentation, tutorials and a set of demo applications that you can download and modify to play with the API as well as information on how to automatically deploy the product on end user machines.
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Clipboard API - write text, files and images to the clipboard

Use the Clipboard API to copy text, html, file and images resources to the system clipboard from server side JavaScript code

Program API - Read registered file extensions and launch files

Use the program API to launch files with the associated programs and read a list of registered file extensions

NotesUI API - Execute agents with UI access

Integration of existing LotusScript code into XPages applications in the Notes Client that has access to the UI, e.g. to display a dialog box.
Documentation Javadoc code documentation for the available APIs

XPages2Eclipse Base API

The API enables XPages developers to access the Notes Client UI, run code in the background and launch files with associated applications on the user's machine.

XPages2Eclipse Symphony API

Add-on API for read/write operations in Symphony Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations
Learning Center Tutorials, sample applications and deployment documentation

Installation Guide

Deployment guide for Lotus Notes Client and Domino server

Getting started

First steps after the toolkit installation

Base API Overview

Documentation for the Base API with tutorials and sample applications

Symphony Add-on API Overview

Documentation for the Symphony API with tutorials and sample applications
More resources Tutorials, sample applications and deployment documentation

Product website

Product overview and download area

Support forum

Ask questions, report bugs and request new features